A Beginner's Guide to Practical Linux through Hacking Basics

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Welcome!! It is my pleasure to welcome you in this course, which will take you through the basics of the most important Operating System in the world. In case you wonder how important Linux is: Well, SpaceX launched about 32000 Linux computers into space. In 2020, Linux has been the most in-demand skill among hiring managers. Apart from learning the basics of Linux, this course has an extra layer: that of HACKING! In real terms, hacking is far from the guy in the hoodie. It's a creative art, that requires constant study and learning of the ins and outs of how processes work on multiple levels. But learning the basics of hacking some times is regarded as something too difficult to learn without prior knowledge of certain topics like LinuxSo this course is for all of you that want to get a very practical feel of both, with Linux being the primary goal. Here is what we will learn:1) Linux Basics. Apart from some basic theory, this will be massively HANDS ON: We will use the most famous Linux distribution for Ethical Hacking: Kali LinuxWe will have a walkthrough of the Linux filesystem to understand what it is and how things workWe will learn many commands that go well beyond the very basics. This set of knowledge will offer you an amazing foundation to be able to familiarise with the OS and get comfortable with itWe will write scripts. It's not only about learning commands. It's about putting them together to create something meaningful2) Hacking basics: We will understand what hacking is and the stages of Ethical HackingWe will learn some of the most important hacking tools and their purposeWe will crack our own password among other things!! We will put Linux + Hacking knowledge together to build useful scripts! As part of the above we will have also some theory. Of course the main goal is hands-on, but theory is very important to be able to understand the why. I want to be very involved throughout your journey. So please ask questions, send me remarks and let's make this an invaluable experience!




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