49 Charts in Tableau - (Latest Version)

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InstructorPavan Lalwani
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* Tableau Desktop 2019.4 is the latest version recorded for this course **********

* 4 HRS of High Quality HD Content Videos will give you feel of Tableau  smooth learning *******

* This course will help you, motivate you to get inclined towards Tableau Software *******

* People Migrating from Excel would be saving 50% time in their daily routine after learning this course *********

*  This course is just a starter for Tableau Desktop ***********

* Very soon new course PART 2 would be launched here. *********

**Have a Passion of learning Tableau but have no knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time video content 

Who this course is for:

  • Participants migrating from Excel to Tableau
  • Participants having no knowledge about any BI Tool or Tableau

What Will I Get ?

  • By the end of course, participants would be able to understand variety of visuals in Tableau
  • Since Tableau is a visualization tool, it utmost necessary to know which visual would be able to convey the message
  • Students will be able to learn Tableau tool from scratch to Intermediate level
  • Not only charts, Maps and Tables but concepts related to Charts would be learned by participants.
  • Lollipop Chart, Calendar, Bullet Charts, Maps, Dumbell Chart, KPI and many fancy visuals
  • Part 1 of Tableau Desktop will be covered
  • Participants will understand how to publish to Tableau Public Online account from Tableau Desktop


  • You should have basic knowledge about Microsoft Excel
  • All Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course
  • 700+ ratings with an average 4.5/5"** which you will never see for any other course in Udemy
  • Tableau Workbook, Excel Files, Material Links are provided in the course
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