45 Real World Java Development Projects Bootcamp Course 2022

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What is Java? Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language that was released by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. Today, Java is needed to run various applications such as games, social media applications, audio and video applications, etc. What is Java used for?Before I go ahead with this, let me brief you about why you should choose Java. It is highly popular and has dominated this field from early 2000's till the present 2022. Some of the applications are listed below: Banking: To deal with transaction management. Retail: Billing applications that you see in a store/restaurant are completely written in Java. Information Technology: Java is designed to solve implementation dependencies. Android: Applications are either written in Java or use Java API. Financial services: It is used in server-side applications. Stock market: To write algorithms as to which company they should invest in. Big Data: Hadoop MapReduce framework is written using Java. Scientific and Research Community: To deal with huge amount of data. In This Course We Are Going To Work On 45 Java Projects: Project-1: Electricity Billing System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-2: Hotel Management System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-3: Airlines Management System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-4: University Management System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-5: Travel and Tourism Management System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-6: Store Billing System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-7: Bank Management System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-8: Application World - Java Core, Swing, AWTProject-9: Payroll System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-10: Cab Booking System - Java Core, Swing, JDBC, MySQLProject-11: Simple Playlist Application In java - Java SE & OOPSProject-12: Simple Web Browser Application - Java SE, Maven & OpenJFXProject-13: Pentominoes Game In java - Java SE, Swing APIProject-14: Number Puzzle Game In Java - Java SE, Swing APIProject-15: Currency Converter API - Java SE, Maven, SwingProject-16: Bridge game in Java - Java SE, Swing & Java AWTProject-17: Rock Scissor Paper Game in java - Java SE, Maven, SwingProject-18: Dungeon: The Adventure Game In Java - Java SE & OOPSProject-19: Minesweeper Game in Java - Java SE, Swing APIProject-20: Sokoban: A video puzzle game in Java - Java SE, Swing APIProject-21: Create a School Payment Management System in JAVA-Core javaProject-22: Build Your Own Notepad Clone using JAVA-Core javaProject-23: Create a Game of Feeding the Snake using JAVA GUI-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-24: Create a Music Playlist Library using JAVA-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-25: Create an Interesting Game of Noughts and Crosses in JAVA-Core javaProject-26: Create a Food Ordering System in JAVA-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-27: Create a Download Manager in JAVA-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-28: Create an ATM Machine Interface using JAVA-Core javaProject-29: Create A Contact Repository Interface Using JAVA-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-30: Build A Painting Canvas Tool Using JAVA Swing-Core javaProject-31: Build An Interactive BST Visualizer Application In JAVA-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-32: Build A File Browser Interface Using JAVA Swing-Core JAVA, JAVA Swing, JAVA AWTProject-33: Create A Time And Task Management System In Java -Core javaProject-34: Email Administration System - Java coreProject-35: Event Management System - Java servletProject-36: Online Quiz system - JDBC, JSPProject-37: E library System - Java servlet, JDBCProject-38: TCP Chat Application - Java networking, java swingProject-39: Covid Information Tracker - Java spring boot, jdbcProject-40: Blog & Report System - Java, JSP, AJAXProject-41: Email System Web App - Java Servlet, JSPProject-42: Network Packet Tracer Using Java - Java Swing, MavenProject-43: Symmetric Encryption Cryptography in JavaProject-44: Employee Management System - Java, Spring framework, Hibernate, Heroku developmentProject-45: Breakout Ball Game - Java, OOPs, Java AWT swing




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