3 Min Affinity Photo - Level 1 Don't Just Learn, Remember

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Have you taken courses with long, complicated lessons that cover far too many topics in one lesson?Have you ever taken a course and then after a few days or weeks forgotten much of what you learned?Or perhaps courses that focus on obscure technical details rather than hands on practice of the most important features?This course solves these problems! Each lesson is short and to the point. We start every lesson off with an outline where I tell you the key points we will be learning, followed by the actual lesson, and finished off with a review quiz of all the key points. Every section finishes with an entire video dedicated to reviewing and studying all the key points we learned in that section. If you normally feel like you spend too much time taking notes or have a hard time identifying what parts of a lesson to write down, fear not, because I have included PDF files with all of the key points, organized in a question and answer format. Between the section review videos and the PDF files with the key points, you will be able to always quickly and easily come back and practice your knowledge and skills to help ensure you don't forget. And if you are a busy person or find yourself normally starting courses but not finishing them, this course is perfect. With an average lesson length of only 3 minutes, you can find time for one of my videos much easier than some other courses that have 10, 15, 20 minute, or even longer length videos! You are much more likely to stick with and finish a course that has clear and concise lessons focused on the most important knowledge and skills you need to know. Throughout this course you will: Learn the basics of Affinity Photo V2Learn 154 Key Points or FactsComplete 15 projects that put your new photo editing skills into practiceLearn to use Layers, Adjustments, & MasksLearn to improve images by editing their color, lighting, & saturationLearn to remove unwanted objects from your photosLearn to isolate objects by removing their backgroundLearn to naturally combine one photo with another, also known as CompositingLearn how to make photos black & whiteLearn to add and remove color tints from imagesThere are videos available free to preview, so go ahead and watch them to see if this course is for you! Don't Just Learn, Remember-Swift Study




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