2022 Agile Project Management Vs Waterfall + Scrum Intro

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SCRUM CONTENT IS UP-TO-DATE WITH THE LAST VERSION OF THE SCRUM GUIDE and INCLUDES AN EXCLUSIVE EBOOK! Hi! I am Angelo Tofalo and I have more than 15 years of professional experience gained within an important multinational Consulting company first as Project Manager and subsequently as Agile Transformation Coach. I have many projects to my credit and, like many of you who are looking at the Agile, I have a strong background on traditional projects, and I became passionate about the agile methodology when I understood its strengths and the great interest that many companies are having about it. I am certified in PSM I®, and also got other important Certifications like SAFe SPC® (the most important worldwide Framework to scale Agile to the entire Organization), LeSS® (another very important framework to Scale Agile) and PMP® (prestigious certification as Project Management Professional issued by PMI institute). In this course you will explore which are the typical challenges faced by traditional (Waterfall) project methodology and how Agile paradigm differs and let to overcome these challenges in today's 'VUCA' world. It is further shown a brief history of Agile frameworks, the Benefits of Agile, recommendations on when Agile best fits, the Key success factors for an Agile Transformation and a good focus on the most used Agile frameworks, which goes under the name of Scrum. This course is targeted to people with some (also minimal) understanding of traditional (Waterfall) project methodology who want to know how Agile differs, and is perfectly aligned to the Scrum Guide and describes it clearly and using a structured approach. If you intend to prepare for Professional Scrum Master I™ Certification, you would probably love my other course. Find it under my published courses (click on my profile picture below in this page)Further, i prepared a special activity for students that consists in analyzing your current Waterfall project in terms of challenges, market conditions, type of technology and in understanding which methodology, between Waterfall and Agile, is best suited! The project is supported by the provided template to be filled and will take not so long (i think less than 1 hour) but will let to practice all you have just learned! Last but not least, upon request, in Section 2 i offer you the online EBOOK version of the entire Section 1, so that it is an additional usable modality offered to students to learn how Agile and Waterfall differs, which are Agile benefits and when Agile is best applied!




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