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Blockchain revolutionized the world. It makes transactions and other interactions between users and businesses possible without intermediaries, while security is ensured by the users themselves and cryptography. If you are fascinated with this innovation and wish to build your career on it, read our guide, which will help you choose the right path. If you are wondering how to become Blockchain Developer in India, we are here to help. In this article, we will tell you everything about what to learn and what qualifications you need to start a career from scratch.

 Who is a Blockchain Developer?

 Based on the profession name, it's safe to assume that it is a programmer who works with blockchain. But what exactly the profession involves? To date, there are 2 types of specialists:

  • Core Blockchain Developers: this category comprises coders who work on the creation and maintenance of blockchain platforms, including databases, security protocols, and so on. This kind of specialist creates the basis for the second type of blockchain programmer.
  • Blockchain Software Developers: these professionals create decentralized applications or dapps, various projects, and smart contracts (self-executed deals) based on blockchain. Dapps can be anything from games to major crypto exchange platforms. These apps are developed based on the existing blockchain infrastructures created by Core Blockchain Developers.

 Blockchain Developer Skills

 If you start from scratch and have no idea what programming is, be prepared to study a lot. However, although you will need to learn new concepts and many other things, remember that nothing is impossible.

 Blockchain Developer Skills You Will Need:

·        Blockchain Technology: first of all, you need to comprehend the essence and differences of blockchain technology from conventional Web2 development. You should know that a blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that enables secure and immutable interactions and transactions between users without intermediaries. It would help if you comprehended decentralization, consensus algorithms, security for P2P transactions, and so on.

·        Programming Languages:  although blockchain technology differs from conventional software and web development, you must learn to code before becoming a blockchain developer. What languages do you need to study? The classic set includes Python, C++, JavaScript, SQL, etc. It is better to focus on one or two languages to reach high proficiency than to learn all of them superficially. Besides, you should pay special attention to Solidity, a coding language developed particularly for blockchain to create smart contracts.

·        Knowledge of Data Structures: Blockchain is a database or a data structure based on cryptography. You need to know how these databases work to be able to code. There are two most used blockchain database types UTXOs - (Bitcoin network) and account/balance (Ethereum network).

·        Knowledge of Algorithms: currently, there are three types of algorithms - proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS), and Delegated proof of stake (DPoS). What are they? Basically, they are guidelines for the nodes or computers in the network on what they should do, for example, solve mathematical problems to verify transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain. A Core Blockchain Developer needs to know how to develop algorithms to validate and process new transactions, implement consensus protocols, and for other purposes.

·        Knowledge of Cryptography: this is needed to encrypt data for its protection from unauthorized access and tampering. The data is encrypted when it is sent and decrypted only at the receiver's end. To know how to develop protocols, you need to know the basics of cryptography. For that, you need to study computer science and maths.

 Some of these skills and qualifications you can obtain and hone on your own. For instance, you can learn coding by using free online tutorials or completing paid courses. You can also learn cryptography on your own, but it is still beneficial to get technical education for the profession. Further in this guide, we list the best Blockchain Developer courses in India.

 Blockchain Developer Salary in India

 Now that we've covered what skills you need to obtain, you may be interested in Blockchain Developer salary in India to know what to expect from this career path. According to Payscale, freshers can expect a salary of ₹357,000 or $4330 a year or ₹29,750 per month. After five years of working in the industry, you can be promoted to Senior Blockchain Software Engineer and earn, on average, ₹809,417 annually or ₹67,450 per month.

 Worth noting, that Blockchain Developer salary per month in India differs by city. For instance, in Mumbai, the average salary for a Blockchain Developer is ₹5,83,386, while in Bangalore, it is ₹7,00,000. In Hyderabad, it is around ₹7,50,000, and ₹5,30,000 in Chennai.

How to become a Blockchain Developer in India after 12th?

There is no precise roadmap on how to do this. However, as for any IT speciality, especially for a programmer or developer profession, it is preferable to opt for the science stream for your 12th class. If you study science, you can then easily apply for B.Tech bachelor's degrees such as:

·        B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Computer Science

·        B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Computer Science and Information

·        Technology B.E (Bachelor's in Engineering) in Software Engineering

·        BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

 If you finish the 12th class and your stream is arts or commerce, your path will be a bit tougher. You won't be able to apply for the preferable B. Tech courses, but you still can pass entry exams and apply for:

·        Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

·        Sc IT (Bachelor of Science)

·        B.Com IT (Bachelor of Commerce)

 Alternatively, you can go for a Polytechnic course then followed by B.Tech. It is a good choice as it will give you the basis for further bachelor's studies. However, the course takes three years, and then you will need to study for a bachelor's degree for three more years.

 Blockchain Developer Qualifications

 When looking for open positions, you can find different qualifications required. Here we list the most common ones that employers include in the position descriptions:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information security, or other related.
  • Expertise in one, preferably several, programming languages, such as C++, Java, Python, and Solidity.
  • Experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Knowledge of cryptography, blockchain protocols, blockchain management, and data protection.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

 Is Blockchain Developer a Good Career?

 Blockchain technology has become progressively popular in the last couple of years, and its popularity will grow further. It means that more and more industries will turn to blockchain for the development of extraordinarily safe and transparent solutions for business. It will eventually lead to the steadily increasing numbers of blockchain-based projects and, respectively, the demand for Blockchain Developers.

The starting salary for a young specialist may be less impressive than you hoped. Still, with just a couple of years of experience working in blockchain development, you can apply for a senior developer position and get a significantly higher remuneration.

 In general, we advise you to choose a career as a Blockchain Developer only if you are genuinely interested and inspired by blockchain technology and love coding.

Responsibilities of Blockchain Developer
Working within the team on the determination of blockchain technology needs and functionalities.
Programming, maintaining, and optimizing dapps by integrating new technologies.
Developing and applying the latest cryptology tools to protect digital transactions from attacks and hacks.
Collaborating with the sales team, explaining features and functionality of the app, its advantages, and principles of protection.
Learning the latest blockchain technologies and cryptography methods and implementing them in your projects.
Documenting the development and maintenance of the apps in accordance with the best practices.
Salary of Blockchain Developer
junior 500000-600000
middle 600000-800000
senior 800000-1000000