Anand Kumari•March 28, 2022

EdX vs Coursera in 2022?

In 2022, diverse levels of education are attainable by almost everyone through online platforms. You can choose from the courses focused on a narrow skill, certification courses for a certain specialization, or even obtain a master’s degree from a renowned university from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we are going to compare two reputable educational platforms EdX and Coursera. Here you will find out all you need to know about the courses, prices, instructors, and other useful information.

EdX vs Coursera what to choose?

Both platforms were founded in 2012 and are the pioneers of online education. EdX and Coursera are leaders of the industry, with the biggest number of students and partner universities.

  1. Coursera was founded by the professors of Stanford University specializing in computer science. At the moment, Coursera offers diverse courses, including separate discipline courses, specializations comprising several disciplines, and even master’s programs. The total number of courses offered by the platform by the renowned universities of Harvard and Stanford-level exceeds a thousand.

2. EdX is an educational program founded by the joint efforts of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Currently, the platform has almost three times fewer users than Coursera, but at the same time, some classic courses are exclusive to this platform. So people who want to complete the best Computer Science Introduction Course choose EdX’s CS50 or Justice Courses by Harvard.

EdX vs Coursera Pricing

Both platforms offer free-of-charge courses, but to obtain a certificate, complete a specialization course, or a degree program, you will have to pay. This is because, in this case, you will have to pass the exam, and actual professors will have to assess your work.

The prices are the following:

  •  In order for Coursera professors to assess your assignments and exams, you will have to pay a fee from $29 to $100, depending on the course. The specialization that comprises several related courses is available on a subscription basis at the cost of $39-$89 a month. To have unlimited access to courses and certifications, you can purchase an annual subscription for $399. To complete a degree course and receive a diploma from one of the top universities with the platform, you will have to pay $15,000-$40,000. You can also obtain financial aid from the platform if you qualify.

  • At EdX to get graded homework and certification exams, you have to pay $50-$100, depending on the course. The platform also offers graduate-level courses from leading universities presented in the form of Micro Bachelor’s degree and Micro Master’s degree courses with 2-5 different relevant courses at the cost from $450 (Bachelor’s course) to $5,000 for the whole program. The master’s courses can be completed at the cost of $9,000-$25,000. If you cannot afford an expensive course, you can try to apply for the EdX financial aid program, covering 90% of tuition fees.

EdX vs Coursera Certificates

Coursera offers the following types of certificates:

  • Course certificates. They can be obtained if you complete a course and pay a fee for graded assignments and exams.
  • Specialization certificates. They can be obtained if you complete a specialization course that comprises several related courses and lasts several months. These are the paid programs not with a one-time fee but a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Bachelor’s degree diploma from top colleges. This diploma equals the off-line complete college education.
  • Master’s degrees diploma. To obtain the diploma, you will have to study for 2-4 years, complete graded assignments and exams. This is the most valuable certification, but the cost is significantly higher. For instance, you can get several specializations at a cost of $399 a year, but the Master’s degree course will cost you $15,000-$40,000.

EdX offers the following types of certificates:

  • Certificates for single courses;
  • Program certificates for programs (series of courses);
  • Micro Bachelor’s degree. This type of education equals a shortened version of a college education. Here you can complete 2-5 different related courses to obtain a diploma.
  • Micro Master’s degree. This is a shortened version of a master’s degree, which means that there are fewer disciplines to learn, but the provided knowledge depths are comparable to the top master’s programs.
  • Master’s degree diploma. This diploma equals an off-line University Master’s degree given by the top universities. This is the most expensive type of certificate that requires the completion of 1-4 years of studies, assignments, and payment of $9,000-$25,000.

The certificates both from EdX or Coursera are internationally recognized and valued.

Coursera or EdX for data science - where are the best instructors?

Both platforms have the highest level of professionals as professors and tutors since they both partner with the top universities. They both also have a strong basis for computer science specialists. The top offered courses to choose from are:

  • Data Science Specialization from Coursera by Johns Hopkins University;
  • Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by the University of Michigan offered by Coursera;
  • Data Science Micro Masters by UC San Diego available at EdX;
  • Statistics and Data Science Micro Masters by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) available at EdX.

Coursera, EdX: Subjects and Topics

Coursera proposes more than 3,000 courses including specializations and degree programs prepared by the professors of renowned universities.

There are courses on:

  1. Data Science;
  2. Machine learning;
  3. Computer Science;
  4. Personal Development;
  5. Language;
  6. Health, and many others.

currently offers also around 3,000 courses and constantly works on expanding the range. All of the courses are prepared and taught by the top professors from leading universities. The most demanded courses on the platform include the following disciplines:

  1. Computer Science;
  2. Engineering;
  3. Humanities;
  4. Business management;
  5. Statistics and data analysis.

Rating and reviews

In general, both platforms have nearly the same overall rating and reviews:

- Coursera rating on G2 is 4.3 based on 194 reviews, on Trustpilot, it is 3.0 based on 14 reviews.

- EdX rating on G2 is 4.7 based on 94 reviews, on Trustpilot, it is 4.0 based on 1,235 reviews.

Coursera vs EdX - Time Commitment

Free courses have no time limit on both platforms. You can start the course whenever you want and finish it in a week or even a year, as you wish. The average course on both Coursera and edX consists of around 8 hours of video materials. However, there are also quite long courses; especially it is relevant for specialization courses by Coursera or mini master’s and bachelor’s degree courses at edX. These can require from 40 to 100 hours of studying.

If you complete a free course, you won’t be able to access the submitted materials once you finish it. If you want to get the feedback and be able to check them later, you need to pay a certification or subscription fee. Paid programs both at Coursera and edX have an established start date, assignment dates, and dates of exams. However, if you do not manage to pass the exam on time, you will have a possibility to take it later with the new course students.


According to most users, both Coursera and edX have user-friendly websites with intuitive navigation. However, some complain that the edX website is a bit too heavy, i.e., contains too much information that is less well structured than at Coursera. Both platforms also have iOS and Android apps with the possibility to learn using a smartphone rather than a PC. But for the completion of homework that requires special software, you will still need to use a PC or a laptop.